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Pre-Employment & Employment Physicals

If you live in and around Northfield, and need an Pre-Employment or Employment physical, Shore Urgent Care is here to meet your needs. Open 7 days a week with convenient evening and weekend hours, we offer individuals and employers a fast, high quality option for employment examinations.

Generally, Pre-Employment and Employment physicals involve examinations and medical testing to ensure an employee’s general health and that they can meet the requirements outlined in their job function.

At Shore Urgent Care, your physical exam will be conducted by a licensed and skilled physician, who will be assisted by members of the Shore Urgent Care team. Beyond the general wellness examination, our practitioners will take a complete medical history and perform the necessary testing based on you duties, workplace conditions and any potential hazards you may encounter in the performance of your job. This will also allow your employer to make reasonable accommodations for patients with disabilities or health issues.

Among the areas that may be covered by your Pre-Employment or Employment Physical are:

  • Vision & hearing tests
  • Basic muscular skeleton testing
  • Cardiovascular & pulmonary testing
  • Tests for potential infectious diseases
  • Alcohol & drug screenings

Shore Urgent Care provides convenient access for Pre-Employment and Employment physicals for employees who are 18 years of age or older for a set fee of $70.