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8 Helpful Hints on How to Prevent Sunburn

When it comes to sunburn, prevention is really the best and only way to protect your skin. What follows are some helpful and easy tips you can use to avoid overexposure to the sun and accidental sunburn.

1) Be careful when it’s cloudy You might think you can’t get sunburned when it’s cloudy.   The fact is the worst burns usually happen on cloudy days. Clouds just scatter sunlight particles, meaning the sun is not blocked and you can get badly burned.

 2) Stay out of the sun and limit your outside activities when the suns rays are at their peak, which is usually from 10 am to 3 pm.

 3) Apply your sunscreen about 30 minutes before you head outdoors. And remember, when outside, you should reapply your sunscreen at two hour intervals.

 4) Your lips can get burned too, and most products you use on your skin won’t protect your lips and should really not be ingested.  Make sure whatever product you use to protect your lips is specially designed for that purpose.

 5) Scalps can also burn, most frequently when you’re swimming. The best protection for your scalp is a swim cap when you’re in the water and a hat or scarf when you’re out of the water. But don’t forget, your head will overheat quickly if your hat or scarf are too tight.

6.) Your eyes also need to be protected. Be sure to get a quality pair of sunglasses that will provide a good level of protection for your eyes. Sunglasses should do much more than help you make a fashion statement.

 7) Being in the shade does not equal being protected. Sand and water are the two biggest reflectors or UV rays, so don’t think you’re safe in the shade. The fact is, being under a beach umbrella offers no more protection than standing in the middle of the beach uncovered.

 8) If you have a child that is under six months of age, keep them out of the sun – completely!